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Will a few people not go to a store in light of the fact that there is a tattoo parlor in a similar court (expecting scrappy individuals hang out in tattoo shops)?
Sometimes.People don't always realize that their doctors,lawyers,etc.,also have tattoos under their lab coats and long sleeves.
I used to work as a receptionist for a ballet studio located in a strip mall.One day,I noticed a man leaning against a beam directly in front of our door.He was a scruffy looking \"biker\" sort of guy.I observed several of our students mothers bringing them to class.They would walk as far around this man as possible,giving him a very wide berth.The little girls didn't even seem to notice the man.After letting several sweat this,I finally walked out to the man.I said \"Excuse me,Sir.\" He said \"Yes,Ma'am\".I said \"While you actually look somewhat like my next ex-husband,you're scaring the daylights out of all these proper ladies bringing their little angels to ballet class.\".He laughed so hard! Then,he apologized for scaring them and explained that he was just waiting for a friend that was picking him up.I told him I understood and had no problem with him waiting if he would just not do so in front of our door as I wasn't in the mood to deal with a lot of fainting ladies.He continued to chuckle to himself as he walked several feet away.When his friend arrived,I watched as the biker buddy pointed me out and obviously relayed my story to his friend.They both laughed.
People are going to judge others based on their looks alone.Tattoos and leather biker jackets scare people.
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