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How do you pick something to tattoo that you have somewhat possibility of lamenting having tattooed?
Not everyone regrets the tattoos they have.I don't regret any of mine.However I did take the time to consider each piece carefully and I had confidence in my artists and took an active role with the process.
Here's a few things to think about before you get inked up.Unless the person is blood relative,I don't care how much the two of you profess your love for one another,do not get their name put on your body.Don't put anything that is racist or hateful,or gang related.Portraits are kind of in the same category as people's names and are even harder to get covered up or removed.Lots of people like to get their favorite celebrity or what they think at the time as a funny saying or slogan.I'm not a big fan of this.Your hands and face should be off limits unless you're fortunate enough to be independently wealthy for the rest of your life.Stop an inch or so from where your clothes can not cover your art.There are still some people who will hold your tattoos against you.Unless you can afford the cost for removal,tattoos are permanent.
Only you can honestly say what you may later regret.The things that I mentioned above are just my personal thoughts,and nearly twenty years later I have no regrets.My art has aged well and I get compliments on a regular basis.Use your best judgement and talk to people,family and friends and your co-workers,even your employer.
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