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If you needed to get a tattoo what might it be?
I already have a tattoo,and it's a stylized kanji for rain,which represented a lot of things to me personally: my nickname is Raen (pronounced like rain),I've loved walking and playing in the rain since I was a little kid,and it is hands down what I find most peaceful.A kanji because I've always loved Japanese and thought kanji are fascinating.And it's stylized because I was using it to sign my art for ages first and wanted it to look unique.So obviously,that's the tattoo I would choose.
Though I DON'T believe that every tattoo has to have some deep meaning.Just liking the thing enough to want it on your body for the years to come is generally enough in my mind.
I'm actually currently sketching out ideas for second tattoo,this time a fox,because they are adorable,but I haven't managed to get a design I actually want on my body yet.
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