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Will a few people not go to a store in light of the fact that there is a tattoo parlor in a similar square (accepting crude individuals hang out in tattoo shops)?
Let's NOT assume sketchy people hang out at tattoo parlors.
That may have been true 20u201330 years ago.But now,tattoos have become mainstream.Tattoo parlors are now popping up in your upscale malls! Soccer moms have tattoos.There is really no age or ethnicity that's left out anymore.It's not a low-brow thing anymore.
Do I have a tattoo?No.Personal choice.My kids do.Do I like them?Eh.A couple of them,not allud83eudd37ud83cudffbu200du2640ufe0f We fall into the 'upper middle class white suburb' type people.Definitely not sketchy.And tattoos are expensive.These are not jailhouse tatts!
So,calm down,get rid of your preconceived notions and join the 21st century.
If the restaurant AND the plaza is in a \"sketchy\" neighborhood that is a different story,but a tattoo parlor does not make it sketchy.In fact,they might drop in after getting their tattoo!
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